The Team (Second Phase)

NCAC The Gambia
Hassoum Ceesay (Project Leader)
Siaka Fadera (Project Coordinator)
Ronald Williams (Finance Manager)

RDD digitization, cataloguing, documentation & research team
Mariatou Badjie (typing)
Ida Ndong (typing)
Hannah D. Wilson (typing)
Jarata Mahmoud (annotation, scanning)
Awa Gaye (annotation, data cleaning)
Fana Ceesay (annotation)
Amie Gibba (annotation)
Gibril Touray (indexing)

Hamburg University & FDM
Henning Schreiber (Project Leader)
Katrin Pfeiffer (Project Coordinator)

Janina Dräger (audio digitization, restoration)
Elisabeth Hartl (audio digitization, cataloging)
Leonie Massmann (data cleaning, organisation of metadata)
Thurid Beling (annotation)